About Us

Glamorgan Karate Club (est. 1999) embarked on creating a club logo that represents what GKC stands for. In January 2019 we unveiled a new logo that we feel speaks directly about the club values.

What it means:

Originating in the community of Glamorgan, Calgary, the club was named Glamorgan Karate Club. The name Glamorgan has an Irish and Welsh lineage, so we chose a Celtic knot as the body of the logo.

Our Celtic knot signifies a triangle of growth. Each point of the triangle focuses on one of the three elements we focus on in our training: Form, Speed, Power.

The circular brush-stroke swipes represent two things. The brush calligraphy represents the origins of our karate style in Japan. The strokes signal motion between the three points of the Celtic knot, representing movement between all three elements of our training, and thus continual improvement. 

All apparel, including bags will have the new club logo added to it. Formal wear (Gi's) and training gear (gloves) will not have the logo on it.